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"It's an amazing feeling as if you are wearing nothing on your face.
The ultimate sports-suglasses are"

Airfly - About


"AirFly" is supported by side-pads instead of nose-pads, these Nose Pad Free Sport Sunglasses will fit you perfectly, no matter the shape of your nose. AirFly frames do not put pressure on your nose, so you can be completely comfortable.



"I always felt uncomfortable with nosepads even if I tried many kinds of sports sunglasses, but I found the nosepad-free structure dosen't give any pressure on me. After we repeated trial productions over and over in about two years, the first AirFry was finaly completed in 2015." by Masaki Yoshimura

Side pads instead of nose pads
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AirFly is supported by side-pads instead of nosepads.

The nosepad-free system means no pressure on your nose and ultimate comfort levels !

Airfly adjustable side pad and temples
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AirFly has Adjustable side-pads and temples

You can adjust both the side-pads and temple arms of the frame easily because they are made with an interior metal core.

The side-pad also includes a titanium core, meaning you can adjust it precisely to fit your face.

Airfly any shape
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AirFly can fit any shape

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because of nose-pads ? AirFly can fit anyone with any nose shape, because they are not held into place by nose-pads. If you have not found suitable sports sunglasses yet, you should try the world's first nosepad-free sunglasses - "AirFly" !

Airfly no nose pad
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AirFly lenses won't fog up

Due to the fact that AirFly sunglasses do not have a nosepad, air dose not get trapped between the front of your face and the sunglasses. Therefore, the lenses won't fog up, and your view will remain unobstructed and clear.

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