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Airfly beyond the limit
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Beyond the limit

Born in Sabae, the mecca of glasses

Airfly was born from Sabae, the mecca of glasses that produces 95% of domestic glasses. Experience and know-how gained from more than 110 years of eyeglass making are packed into this air fly. Titanium used for eyeglass frames is used for the side pads. It achieves moderate flexibility and exquisite bend ability. In addition, based on the data cultivated in eyeglass making, we have newly designed a frame skeleton that perfectly fits Japanese and Asian faces. The design is easy to fit even for those who don't find sports sunglasses for Westerners to fit their faces.

Airfly patents

The world's first sports glasses without nose pads 

Obtained patents in 5 countries and regions around the world


Technology that Sabae can boast to the world

Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, where we are headquartered. The manufacture of spectacle frame in Sabae began in 1905 and exceeded 110 years, it can be said that the history of eyeglasses making in Japan. In the Showa 50's, we succeeded in establishing the world's first eyeglass frame manufacturing technology using titanium (titanium). Titanium which is light weight and excellent in durability spreads to the world as a gentle glasses because it is a material that is optimal for eyeglasses that are robust, lightweight and springy, with low human allergic properties. Currently it produces over 95% of domestic eyeglass frames. Sabae grew as a spectacular place to boast in the world. AirFly was born using this technology and know-how of Sabae.

Polished titanium processing technology

Adjustable nose pad which is a symbol of air fly, and temple. Titanium processing technology that Sabae has cultivated over many years has been applied to these cores, and it is flexible and lightweight frame making full use of the characteristics of titanium, and it has the best members that can be adjusted according to the wearer and It is getting.

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