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  • What to do if the eyelashes hit the lens
    Airfly's glasses are supported by four points on the side brackets and temples. The side brackets will be attached to the cheekbones to keep the glasses stable. Since it is uncomfortable to use the nose as a support, if you are worried about eyelashes touching the lens and feel uncomfortable, It can be solved by pushing the lens forward slightly.
  • How to disassemble and install AF303/304 lens by yourself
    It's not difficult to disassemble and assemble the lens. Follow the instructions below and you can easily do it by yourself in two steps!
  • How to replace AF301/302 lens by yourself
    It's not difficult to replace the lens (remove the temples), as long as you follow the instructions below​, you can easily disassemble the lens by yourself in two steps! ​ When changing the lens, it is recommended to use: paper towel + a very small amount of Vaseline Apply Vaseline to the cutting surface of the lens buckle as a lubricant so that the lens will not be easily damaged (Repeated replacement of the lens may cause wear and tear. If you have any problems installing the lens, please contact the nearby distribution store for assistance)
  • How to Clean Lens Properly
    Without removing the lenses, rinse them with clean water and blot dry with toilet paper or lens cloth. If the water droplets are not wiped off, water marks may be left on the lens or the coating on the surface of the lens may peel off. Make sure it is fully dry before storing it in the box.
  • How to Deal with Tough Stains
    To clean the tough stains on the lens, please use clean water + neutral detergent to clean. • Do not directly wipe dry the lens, it may cause scratches on the lens • Do not use hot water to clean, it may cause the lens coating to peel off
  • How to wear it?
    ① Expand the temples ②Put on glasses and feel that "where's uncomfortable" is too oppressive or not submissive ③ Place the temples correctly on the ears and gently hook them behind the ears ❋Please make sure that the "side supports" on the left and right sides fit snugly on the cheekbones of the face; The temples on the left and right sides fit snugly on the head, and all four points fit firmly.
  • Adjustment
    After the first time wearing, please consider your personal comfort. Slowly observe, wear, adjust, and make small adjustments each time until you find the curvature that best suits your face shape (head shape). • First put the glasses on the mirror to feel the wearing comfort, and observe whether the side brackets and temples are symmetrical and fit. Next, remove the glasses to adjust. •Adjust side rests/arms:: A bad fit is too loose and bends inward; too tight and bends slightly outward. • Sight glass height: If you wear it too high and it will cover your brows, raise the side support slightly; if you wear it low, lower the side support slightly to adjust.
  • Is it possible to equip with myopia lenses?
    Yes. Equipped with special optical power parts, it can be equipped with myopia glasses after installation.
  • What model can be equipped with myopia lenses?
    Myopia groups can refer to the following models: AF301BK series - Big goggles are specially designed for cycling AF303/304 series - this is a replaceable part designed for runners with higher degrees AF301 - relatively basic model, multi-purpose sports can be used AF402 series
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