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AF-901 Clear Lens Built-in Set

    • It may take 1-2 weeks to get used to wearing AirFly. 

    Many people are impressed by the first time wearing the world's first nose padless sports sunglasses "AirFly",
    This is the world's first experience of supporting sunglasses with cheekbones, so some people may feel a little uncomfortable.
    It may take 1-2 weeks to get used to it.

    •  A fitting is required to wear the AirFly. 

    People's faces differ in size and shape. The height of the cheekbones may also differ between the left and right sides.
    Please refer to the attached fitting manual and match the side pads and temples to your face.
    Fitting is so easy!

    •  Please use the AirFly for the actual event after using it for practice. 

    Please refrain from using the AirFly in a race without making any adjustments.
    We have adjusted it to some extent so that it can be worn by many people at the time of shipment, but
    it does not always fit perfectly. Please adjust it by practicing several times and hope for the actual performance.
    The AirFly that fits you perfectly will give you the power to pursue the best performance!